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Fast PDF Builder Trial 1.3

With Fast PDG Builder you can import *.txt, *.rtf and *.html text
1.3 (See all)
Sault Custom Programming

Fast PDF Builder does it super-fast, in almost no time at all. Simply select the files to convert, select the PDF file options and ht convert. The process is lightning fast. We converted a 100 page document in under 8 seconds.
With Fast PDG Builder you can import *.txt, *.rtf and *.html text, bulk-process many files at once, encrypt your PDF files and more.
Main features:
- Generate PDF from text (txt), rich-text (rtf) & web (html) files
- Drag and drop from Explorer
- Bulk-process large numbers of files
- Encrypt PDF files
- Easy-to-use interface
- Super-fast PDF processing

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